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(WE) Women's Enlightenment

(WE) Women's Enlightenment

You name it it'll most likely be discussed! We at times forget we don't go through life alone, someone somewhere is going through, in the middle of or, getting through something. The rough patches can be rough, yet hearing other stories can and will help. Who doesn't love to cook a good meal so, sharing that fun too! Grab tissue, laugh, relate and truly enjoy being this is all going to be eye openers, realness and down right amazing!

Glad to have you along!

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Recent Episodes

Part 2: Pieces Of M3

May 8, 2022

Thank you for your time and patience while, listening to each episode! I’m excited to soon be doing a recap episode🙌🏾 Remember the book: Pieces Of M3 is available on Amazon. To connect with me via IG: womensnlightenmentllc …

Pieces Of M3

May 6, 2022

New Book Alert! Sharing more about how these pages came about. Sit back and enjoy… Thank you for your time! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/drea-s/support